Hi Gus,

First, THANK YOU for a fabulous tour! It was the best tour we've been on this cruise. It's also the best tour (again) during a stop to Guatemala. I'm not sure if you remember me...I came off the Ryndam with another couple and booked with you (my husband, 2 daughters, and I). Another family with a pre-teen daughter also booked with you after I bragged about how wonderful your tour would be. I think that is it for now.

Thank you again for a very memorable time! Nicole, my 11 year old, was VERY upset about the stray dogs wandering Livingston. She wants to set up an animal shelter, take in the dogs, feed and care for them back to health so people can adopt them.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my email and answering them.

A fan of Go with Gus, 

 Lana Parks & Family

Dear Gus,

My husband and I sailed on the Norwegian Spirit about 3 weeks ago and took your Humanitarian Tour of Livingston. (We are the ones from Atlanta who said we'd think of you next time we eat at Waffle House!)

We had a fantastic time on your tour. It was probably our favorite day of the trip, and it also happened to be my birthday -- what a fantastic way to spend it!
You and your wife were so welcoming from the moment we met you both. We truly enjoyed getting to see the culture of Guatemala and Livingston first hand and hear all of the fa scinating stories you had to share with us. You're definitely not going to find that kind of experience on a charter bus tour. And we still talk about those delicious tortillas with the sea salt and hot sauce!

We have such wonderful memories of our tour that we wanted to share our photos and videos with you. My husband enjoys shooting with his new camera, so there are lots and lots of pictures!

Please feel free to use any of the pictures you see on his page in any way you see fit.

Link to photos:

\ http://www.flickr.com/photos/23797105@N02/sets/72157623356517040/

Link to videos (#4-13 are from Guatemala):


We hope to visit you again someday!

Best wishes,

Tim & Amanda Korey Atlanta, Georgia


 I hope your Holidays and New Year are great!!! Here are some of those pics I promised. Our trip there was the highlight of our cruise.

Thanks again for a great time,

 Pat Cozy and family


Just wanted to say that my wife and I really enjoyed your tour. It was actually the highlight of our honeymoon cruise. The love you have for that community is contagious and I think thats what makes it so good. I think the only thing that would have made it more enjoyable would have been being able to go through the cave you were telling us about. But I understand the weather conditions made it dangerous.

At first I thought the price was a bit high, but after taking the trip I believe its well worth the money and would do it again in a heartbeat.
If you don't mind me asking, how much of that money goes towards that community? And also, what religion is common in the area? I was surprised to see the nativity scene in the port area.

Once again, thanks for everything, and when I get caught up at work, I'll be sure to post a review on cruisecritic.


Glenn to gustavo


 Gus - First of all, thanks so much for the tour and everything on New Year's day. It was the highlight of our cruise. I have posted a review on Cruise Critic and hope that it helps get more people to take the tour and help out the children. We were happy to sponsor a child and look forward to the information from the child.

Again thank you,


Andy DePew to gustavo

Your tour was the highlight of our trip, thank you so much for the memories and we look forward to coming back when we can spend some time in Livingston!

Hello Gus --

Thanks again for a wonderful day. I would like to give an A-plus rating to a privately arranged off-shore excursion on Christmas Day of '06. Our Holland America ship, the Ryndam, made port at Santo Tomas de Castillo in Guatemala.

Santo Tomas itself is nothing more than an auxiliary port of The United Fruit Company, but there we were met by Gus ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) who took the six of us and two other couples on his very comfortable boat, Delfina, across the lake to Livingston and then for a wonderfully guided and informative tour of the Rio Dulce. Gus, who is fluently bi-lingual and has lived much of his life the US is not only extremely knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of this jungle river, but also about the history and politics of present-day Guatemala. In addition, he is well-known and respected by the local population.

One highlight of the day was a visit with a large group of local children and their teachers who were available to answer our many questions. A second highlight was a walk through the town of Livingston. But one of the outstanding features of a memorable day was lunch at the Hotel Posada del Delfine, an astonishingly lovely and comfortable establishment on the lake in what seemed to us just about in the middle of nowhere. Lunch in the hotel dining room (included in the tour) was a gourmet's delight -- the most outstanding meal of the entire cruise! Hard to believe, but true. I cannot recommend this day excursion too highly.

It was an unforgettable experience.

Helen K. Golden, Ph.D.

Hi Gus,

 Bill and I send greetings to you and your wife! We arrived safely home and cannot thank you enough for the most outstanding day of our entire cruise. We took over 1200 digital photos during our 15-day trip, which I have downloaded and am in the process of going through. I would be delighted to post a few.

 Again, meeting you was the highlight of our trip and we would love to see more of your beautiful country and visit you in Livingston. My Mother is talking about a trip after the first of the new year, but that can wait for another email.

 Many thanks,



 The trip we took with you was an "eye" opener!! My husband and I tell everyone it was the absolute highlight of our trip this Fall. He asked you (while at the children's school) what they needed mostly and you replied "vitamins" and something else was also needfed. Could you please respond and tell us what that might be? Also when sending on the requests - what might be the best way to send and where?


Dennis & Darlene Wiegman

We took the Humanitarian Tour with Gus on Wednesday, March 26 and had a fantastic time. Since then, we have been trying to locate the area of the school on a map. We easily found Livingston, but couldn't recall the exact name of the area where the school was located. Any information that you could provide would be appreciated.

Please thank Gus and his staff for an excursion that was the highlight of our cruise trip.


Karl Wesolowicz

Hi Gus,
We went on a your humanitarian tour back in March. There were 10 of us and we had a wonderful time. There was no question that it was the highlight of our vacation. We are going to post as review on cruise critic. I had also mentioned that we would be interested in helping a child in the area get to high school. Can you give me more information on how we can help?
Jennifer Kolari M.S.W.,R.S.W


We were your guests on the tour from the NCL "Spirit" last week. I wanted to thank you again for a great day! It was the highlight of our entire cruise. We were most impressed with the stop to give supplies to the school children. I am attaching a picture from that visit. You will surely receive a reward in Heaven for your kindness and generosity to your people. I wish you much success with your business ventures. You exhibited a love for your country and a passion to see it succeed. When I think Guatemala, I will always think, Gus!

Thanks again,

Greg Jenkins (Price's dad)




Your tour was the highlight of our trip!

Thank you so much!

Sherry Anderson

Feliz Ano Neuvo Gus!

Ricardo and I want to thank you for the wonderful and beautiful trip to Livingston and up the Rio Dulce. Your introduction of this part of Guatemala was the highlight of our cruise on the Ryndam. Many passengers saw the stickers on our shirts and asked about your tours. After hearing about everything we experienced they were very disappointed to have missed the tour. We passed on your contact info so they can contact you and enjoy one of your tours. Having experienced a Medical Mission to Guatemala I understand somewhat of what your challenge is to continue your Educational Programs. Please advise me of how I can assist you with school supplies or whatever your needs are at this time. I can ship supplies or make a donation to be used for the supplies necessary.  Ricardo and I also discussed with you that I might be able to come to Livingston for an Immersion to improve my Spanish Language skills. If you were serious about this please let me know how I might arrange this kind of visit. I have been looking for an opportunity like this for a couple of years.  I could teach or work at your schools. I cannot use the knowledge I have in my head if I cannot converse - it has been very frustrating for me!!

Our Best Wishes to You and your Family in 2010,

Susanne Blosser

The cruise was great, but the highlight was the trip with the children and you and gus. best ever. Made some great friends on the tour, ended up on our boat , they were great. When is your next trip to Livingston? Tell Gus we said hello. Take care, maybe we will all cross paths again.

all the best,

Sharon Griffith