Bird watching in the Quirigua Mayan Ruins Site

With a wide range of habitats, Guatemala is home to hundreds of tropical and migratory bird species.  The tropical rainforests, cloud forests, mountain forests, mangroves and semi-arid regions of the country offer exciting options for birders of all levels of experience....

Learn about the ancient Mayan culture and observe the many beautiful birds living in Quirigua. On average 20 different species can be seen between 8:05am -11:00 am. Some species that you may see include Pteroglossus torquatus, Crested caracara, Amazilia rutila (cinnamon Humming bird), Anthra cothorax prevostii, Euphonia hirundinacea.



Quirigua Mayan Ruins 01 Quirigua Mayan Ruins Bird Watching 01



the oldest pottery found in the ancient
Maya city of Quirigua dates back to between
200 B.C. and 200 A.D., in the late Pre-Classic Era.

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