Santo Tomas

A place of tropical rainforests, of colonial Spanish fortresses, of enormous Maya Stelae and of colorful Garifuna culture, Guatemala's Caribbean area has something to offer every visitor.

Santo Tomás de Castilla is one of the most important port cities in Guatemala. It is located in the eastern Gulf of Honduras coast on the Amatique Bay. Santo Tomas Guatemala was originally settled in the 19th century by Belgian pioneers. The port here was built in the 1960"s to compliment the cargo port at Puerto Barrios, and for many years Santo Tomas Guatemala received only cargo ships. In 2004, Santo Tomás de Castilla began accepting cruise ships that make their way through the Caribbean. The cruise industry brings tourists to this before much neglected coastline, and the local economy surely appreciates visitors. While void of prestigious Guatemalan beaches and the more popular Mayan ruins, the port still manages to give visitors a good taste of the local culture.