Coffee Plantation Tour - 1/2 Day

Coffee began pleasing tastebuds as far back as the 10th century and, here in the 20th, we continue to revel in the inky beverage.  The tantalizing aroma of brewing coffee has people lined up in coffee houses and cafes waiting for that perfect blend.  But it is the small fruit of the coffee plant that commands the interest of a vast and competitive market.  Fertile volcanic soil, lofty altitude and time proven techniques are the elements for growing coffee under perfect conditions.  Jesuit priests brought the first coffee plants to Guatemala.....

Tour Description:
This tour takes you to one of the several coffee states in Antigua Guatemala, there you will learn the history of the coffee and see how it is grown, harvested and packed. You will also taste a cup of this delicious beverage!

The first coffee plantation started in Nigeria, Africa,
and the first coffee plants came to Guatemala in the
late 1700s...