Welcome my friends...

Creating life experiences and making friends from all over the world, "Go With Gus" provides its guests with a casual family oriented experience of the natural wonders of Guatemala and Honduras.  Whether it’s Sightseeing, adventure, cultural or meeting the tribal Mayans, Garifunas, and Pirate territories, we offer something unique for everyone. Our company’s original goal has evolved into a humanitarian effort that provides visitors the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the local schools children and districts with in need of aid, helping not only the children but at the same time the children’s families and communities.

Ports of calls

Puerto quetzal, Puerto Santo Tomas, Roatan an soon Santiago de Cuba!

"Go With Gus" is registered and licensed in the USA.

"Go With Gus" is a member of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) since 2005.